On Brevity

Not a lot of words to post today. Figured that would be a nice change from the last blog. Just a few short remarks on the happenings of my life. Check out my photos afterwards.

March is upon us.

HEAT is upon us.

Dust is also upon us. I am sweeping my house constantly to no avail.

Oranges have disappeared from the market. Sad times.

Mangoes are coming! The kids have already picked some off of our tree though they’re not quite ripe yet.

Don’t look now, but I might actually be learning how to cook.

My first big grant request just got approved and I should be launching my latrine building project within the next month. Finally!

Awi caught a giant mouse as it was falling out of my ceiling the other day. It was pretty interesting.

Realizing that barbeque sauce may be the single greatest condiment ever invented. Close tie with ketchup and parmesan cheese.

Recently spent a few nights in PC headquarters in Cotonou getting some errands done and re-discovered the joys of air conditioning, hot showers, and cold beverages. Now back to warm beverages, cold showers, and constant sweating.

Rain is coming little by little. But it brings with it extreme winds. The roof of the secondary school was blown entirely off two nights ago. Yikes.

10 fluffy, new baby goats just entered the world in my concession. They are the cutest things.

I put up some new photos on the photos page–check them out.

Peace. CMK

2 thoughts on “On Brevity

  1. Hmmm, I remember HOT in Benin. We are now COLD in France. Africa seems very far away…wait, cause it is! CONGRATS on the grant, very exciting. Talk to you soon. Love, Mom

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