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I’m Christina (that’s me!).


This website is a collection of my writing about humanity in different places and times, told through my lens as someone trying to figure out how this world works and my place in it.

E.B. White once wrote:

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”

I strongly identify with this quote and you will find the dichotomous pull of this feeling present in this website.

Some of the pieces are about traveling, enjoying, and living life. Others are about the world breaking my heart and my struggle to make positive change.

I’ve grouped the website into four main parts:

Solo Travel:

Pieces about my 9-month trip last year, which started in Morocco and ended in Vietnam. Originally I aimed to travel with my brother, but it evolved into a solo trip. A fantastic experience.

Homelessness in America:

I spent some years living and working in Colorado with small homeless outreach organization which harnesses the power of the community to help individuals who are experiencing homelessness. I’ve been doing some writing about the folks I have met through this work and am currently sharing these stories on the blog.

Peace Corps:

A chronicle that was written in real time about my experience living and working in a rural community in Benin, West Africa, as a Peace Corps volunteer doing rural community health work.


My first attempt at blogging while I was studying abroad in Uganda during my junior year of college.



You can read about all these different journeys by clicking the tabs at the top of the site – the stories are organized by theme. Or, simply go to the home page to read the most recent posts.

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