3 days to departure!

So, if you read my previous post about this forthcoming trip, you’ll remember that I said everything was subject to change because we didn’t have firm plans.

Everything has changed since then!

We are leaving on Tuesday and our new plan is now to fly directly to Tangier, Morocco (a coastal city that is the entry point for people traveling by boat from Europe), then make our way from there. We leave Denver on Tuesday afternoon and will make it to Tangier by Wednesday afternoon (there is a 7-hour time change).

No further plans! Once we get there, we are going to see where we feel like going, what other people recommend, and play it by ear.

In a world where everyone plans so much, this may seem scary, but it’s oddly freeing to be setting out on a journey that has only a starting point and no specific end. We will be able to explore opportunities as they arise, unbound by prior plans. If we really enjoy a place, we may stay there for a while; if we want to move on, we can do that.

I’m very excited and almost packed:)

Stay tuned for updates soon.


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