The school you helped fund!

Looking back through my posts, I realized that I never followed up after posting the urgent plea for money for the school that Stacer, the PCV who followed me in Assanté, was building. I apologize for that!

Thank you all for responding to my post and helping to complete the funding! The project was successful and here are some photos of the new classrooms and the female latrines:)


Photo credit for all of these: Stacer McChesney. Great job, my friend!

And here is a message from Stacer after completion of the project:

“!!!IT’S DONE!!!
All I can say is thank you. Thank you so much.

It’s difficult to articulate the weight of your role in making this possible. Your individual contribution turned into cement, nails, wood, and sheet metal. Your funds went to a team of local masons, roofers, painters, drivers, shop owners, an their families.. And now this, a new place to learn for years to come.

It was really beautiful to watch.

All extra funds went towards a complete set of 50 desks for both classrooms, the repair of a heavily damaged roof on a neighboring block of classes, and a complete set of jerseys for our female soccer team.”


Here are some photos of the community working on building the school and on the progression as it was built. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


EcoleBuildingSo incredible that this will help more students learn for years to come. Thank you.

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