Need Your Help

Hello everybody!

See? I promised I’d write again soon. This post will be kept short because its main objective is to tell you that we’re finalizing plans for this year’s Camp GLOW–the girls’ camp that I helped with last year–and we’re again in need of donations from people at home to make it happen.

Last year’s camp was one of the best experiences of my Peace Corps service thus far and I truly believe that it made a difference in the lives of those girls.  The opportunity to leave the village, spend time on a college campus, meet other motivated young women, learn about important issues that might normally be taboo and unspoken, and even just have a little fun is incredibly valuable and since we don’t charge the girls anything to participate, we have to fundraise it all between the Beninese government and our network at home.

So please, if you can help us with a donation of any amount, know that it will be making a difference (and even $20 or $50 goes a long way in Benin!). Even if you can’t, if you could spread the word to others who might be interested, we would all be grateful. The link to donate is here:

Thank you in advance and thanks for reading!

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