I’m here!

Safe and sound:) I’m really happy to be here, and in an odd way, it feels a bit familiar. Everything is great so far, but I don’t have time or enough things to write at the moment to write a long post. Miss you all and hope all is well! (Write me letters!) I should be online again before too long. Much love!

(P.S. Important short point if anyone is planning on sending a package at any point: Send it via US mail, NOT FedEx or anything like that. Apparently those packages cost us over $200 to retrieve from the embassy, but US post packages are free. Also much cheaper for you to send. Word on the street is that those bubble wrap-type envelopes are the way to go.)

One thought on “I’m here!

  1. Happy to know you are safely there! and already feel at home in some way!

    I suspect you won’t have much time to write on your Blog for a while!

    Be well and enjoy.

    Love, Granny Kathy

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