Today I got back from class to find an e-mail from the Peace Corps Placement Office waiting in my inbox.  (About time!) 

It was essentially an update, letting me know that they’re starting to look at me for placement (so I guess I jumped the gun a little thinking that they might have been in this process already).  I was asked to send an updated resume, which I did within an hour of receiving the e-mail.  In the process of editing, tweaking, and obsessively triple-checking my resume and then triple-checking it again, I realized I’ve actually gained a lot of relevant experience since I first applied, so I’m glad they are taking that into account. 

I got an e-mail back a little bit after that saying that my application is moving on to the final stage of review (I thought I was already there?) and a “Placement Specialist” will likely be contacting me in 4-6 weeks with some follow-up questions. 

So I am still waiting. But I feel better now that I have a time frame and I know that my application is on track and not just floating out in a bureaucratic sea somewhere. 

In other news, apparently our caps and gowns have arrived and are available to be picked up any time between now and commencement. I guess this graduation thing is actually happening.

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. It’s all good news — all you need is as you have said: Patience. It sure sounds as if everything is moving right along in the right direction.

  2. Hang in there. Meanwhile enjoy the end of your college career and plan your vacation days before and after graduation. Be sure to get the addresses of faculty and students that you might want to contact later even if you’re not in close contact now!

    I’m hoping to see you sometime in the meantime! Take care and be proud. You’ve accomplished a great deal in these four years! All my love, Granny Kathy

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