“On behalf of British Airways, we’d like to welcome you to Uganda”

Hi all,

So this is the first blog post from Uganda:)

I arrived last night around 10pm local time, after a long but fun journey.  I left home last Wednesday to spend several days in New York with the grandparents.  Then I flew out of NY on Saturday morning, arrived in London that evening.  I had a 14 hour layover, so I met Bonny (my roommate from last year who is studying in London all year) in central London and we wandered around the town for most of the night.  Then I headed back to the airport, and slept through most of the 8-hour flight to Entebbe, Uganda.

The program directors picked us up at the airport and brought us to a hotel in Kampala.  The capital is about a 30 minute drive from the airport, and even around midnight on a Sunday, the two-lane highway we drove was busy, and pedestrians were walking down the shoulders (imagine seeing that in the US).  Kampala strikes me as a very alive city (if that makes sense). I really like it so far. Our hotel is quite nice (I think probably one of the best in the city), and I am really enjoying getting to know the other students.

Sorry this is a pretty lame first post, but I promise the next one will be better.  Signing off now before my internet time runs out!

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